Michael Lotter

I first started visiting Bradford and the surrounding areas in 1997. At the time a small community, but with exponential growth over the following years.

Having immigrated to Canada with my family in 1997, we settled in Sudbury Ontario where I attended Cambrian College and earned a diploma in Public Relations.

As a parent of 2 wonderful children, I can think of no better area to raise them. This area has always had a sense of community and cooperation, something to be proud of.

I have watched the changes within Canada, and began to question what I was seeing in our government and the way we are treated as Canadians. We came to Canada in search of a life of freedom, respect, fairness and responsibility, both individually and from our elected leaders.

I have joined the political arena in an attempt to do my part to keep Canadian values and principles alive. 

The PPC is the only party I found who stand up for these principles. We stand up for Canada and ALL Canadians.

I encourage all York-Simcoe voters to go out on October 21, 2019 and vote and have your voices heard. It is time the government represents the people who have elected them to the privileged position of leadership.